I want to share with you my experience of how I lost weight with PCOS. I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) when I was 23 years old. To give you a background, PCOS is a hormonal disorder that women can get during childbearing years. Its symptoms include irregular periods, growth of unwanted hairs, weight gain , or hard time losing weight, oily skin , and trouble getting pregnant.

I did not take PCOS seriously because I was still young and fit back then. I started to gain weight after I gave birth to my son. I tried different kinds of diet. I sometimes skipped meals, but since I am breastfeeding my son I tend to get hungry easily. I experienced some of the above-mentioned symptoms. But, the one that affected me the most is the trouble of losing weight.

My weight seriously affected my mental and emotional health. I went through low self-esteem and anxiety. I was eager to shed some weight just to go back to my old self.

A year before I got pregnant. I was skinny but I didn’t know that I have PCOS.
I gained a little weight but I can still tolerate it. Same, I am clueless that I have PCOS.
I started to gain weight. That’s two years after I gave birth to my son.
That’s me year 2018. I was trying to apply for a job but nobody wants to hire me because I look big and old than my age. I am 28 years old in this picture

Desperation led me to try different methods on how to get rid of my unwanted fats. I tried intermittent fasting, no-rice diet, working out every day, and taking some food supplements. However, my efforts did not produce a result. I lose some pounds and gain it back after a month or two. I did not give up, instead, I continue to work hard and take care of my body.

What motivated me?

I was motivated by the desire to stay healthy for myself and my child. My doctor told me that having a PCOS can lead to diseases like diabetes. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant. So, the probability that I might have diabetes later on in life is higher because of PCOS. One of the things I can do to avoid diabetes is to lose weight. But I need to stick to the plan to achieve my desired goal to stay fit and healthy.

The following are the things I did to lost weight despite having a PCOS.

  • I exercised daily. Yes, I did my workout every single day. I do it 30 minutes to 1 hour every day. I did Chloe Ting’s workout videos from her Youtube Channel. I love her workout programs as well which are available on her website. Definitely, it’s a must-try workout program.
  • I changed my diet. I meticulously planned my meals. I also buy vegetables and fruits which are available in our area. I know it is tedious to do meal planning, but weight loss needs effort and hard work.
  • I practiced self-discipline. I have cravings too from time to time, but giving in to it will ruin all my efforts. I also gave myself a cheat day, but I don’t overeat. I need to stick to my plan. Whenever I go to events and family dinners; I still eat the food prepared, but I get a spoon of each dish just to taste the food.
  • I cut my sugar-filled drinks and increased my water intake. I know milk teas and coffee frappes are irresistible but whenever I think about its sugar content I easily get discouraged. But if I need to get one, I go for 25% sugar. For soda, I always order coke zero. If I want to drink something that does not contain calories I will just add diced fruits to my water.
  • I practiced stress-management. I get stressed a lot since I am a mother, a career woman, and a law student at the same time. Stress is the biggest factor why I had a hard time managing my weight. I realized that if I don’t handle my everyday stress It will be impossible for me to achieve my desired goal to lose weight. I did the following activities to manage my stress:
    • I meditate 30 minutes every day. It helps clear my mind and focus on things I need to accomplish within a day.
    • I listen to some inspirational podcasts to inspire me to focus on positive things.
    • I write my everyday journal and manage my time by doing a bullet journal.
  • I changed my sleeping habits. Sleep plays a big role in maintaining weight. I noticed that my lack of sleep affects my productivity. Whenever I don’t get enough sleep I feel weak and sluggish. Consequently, there are important tasks that I will miss or skip. So I tried my best to get enough rest every day.
  • I took extra care of my gut by eating fiber-rich food. A healthy and clean colon helps in the absorption of nutrients and weight management. The first thing I do in the morning is to drink a glass of warm water squeezed with lemon.
  • I tracked my progress to inspire me to work more to reach my desired weight. I keep a record of my body size from the time I decided to lose weight and check every two weeks if I am making any progress.
  • I did a regular check-up with my OB-GYNE to help me identify areas I need to focus on to manage my PCOS. I did not hesitate to ask about my condition. Good thing she was helpful and told me that PCOS is manageable. She recommended me to take pills, but I refused because I have a migraine. Instead, I focused on my weight loss and I achieved it.


So that is how I lost weight despite having a PCOS. Right now I just focus on maintaining my weight. The last time I had a check-up, my doctor told me that my ovaries are healthier compared to the last time I had my ultrasound. I learned on this journey that I should not rush things to quickly. Instead, I need to go through the right process. I am glad to share my journey with you. I hope I was able to inspire you.

So if you also experienced the same, don’t hesitate to comment down and share it with me. If you have questions just comment it down below and I will be more willing to answer your question

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