My Quarantine Period Realizations

My Quarantine Period Realizations

There are several things that I realized this quarantine period that made a great impact on how should I live my life from now on.It’s been more than a month since the whole Luzon was placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) to slow down the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The need to stay at home led me to some realizations.

I realized that life is indeed short, might as well pursuit happiness

I lived my whole life thinking others happiness should come first before mine. When this pandemic happened I got scared that I might die without prioritizing my own happiness. I need to allocate more time to take care of myself and my health. I will spend more time with the people I love. After all how I spend my life is what matters the most, the rest are just secondary.

I realized I will die alone

Aside from reality that life is short, I might die alone if ever I got infected of this virus. I have seen in the news how Covid-19 patients died in isolation and was cremated afterwards. Their relatives were not even given the chance to see their bodies nor bade their last farewell.

I am blessed because I am spending the quarantine period with my family . Death is always just around the corner, everyone must cherish the time they are spending with their families and friends.

I need to invest more with my health

True enough that the saying “Health is wealth” is relevant to everyone. A strong immune system is the only way for a person to survive this kind of virus. According to the latest statistics people who succumbed to this virus are older people and has an existing medical condition. A healthy person has higher than those who have poor health and weak immune system.

I used to disregard the value of rest, taking vitamins and eating healthy. I deprive myself from sleep especially when I need to finish an urgent task. But since the beginning of the quarantine period, me and my family was able to focus more on our health.

I realized income is not permanent, but expenses is constant

I remember the story about the ant and the grasshopper. The ant worked hard to prepare for the winter but the grasshopper did nothing but enjoy his carefree life. The winter came and the ant was able to survive because he was able to prepare. The grasshopper suffered from his unconcerned attitude.

The occurrence of this pandemic made me appreciate the value of emergency fund. I still earn money but my other sources of income is temporarily put on hold due to this unexpected situation. It’s a lesson learned for me to prepare for this kind of situation. Money is not the most important thing but money is one of the biggest factor to live comfortably.

Unity is our strength

Our unity is our strength. This is the time that our community must unite. The enemy is invisible and even until now we don’t have yet the vaccine to eliminate or fight this virus. We need to be cohesive this time with the directives from the authority. We cannot win this battle if we do not cooperate. Let’s just look at the brighter side of this situation.  This ordeal will be over and we will win together.

So those are my realization during this quarantine period. Actually I get to realized so many things every day. I take this opportunity to share my thoughts and hoping to inspire you as well. If you have the same realizations as mine you can comment down below and share your thoughts as well.

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