Why I Started Blogging and Created Your Labyrinth?

Why I Started Blogging and Created Your Labyrinth?

I want to share with you why I started blogging and created Your Labyrinth. To give you a background I created my first blog back when I was in college. I love to write and share what’s in my head. I don’t really bother if I blog about specific content, all I want to do is to write my heart out.

But during that time I used a free platform and was not able to create my own website because I don’t have yet the money. It was really my dream to have my own website and I was able to achieve it nine years after my first ever blog. For the past nine years I was able to gain knowledge on how I can polish and improve my blogging skills. It was actually a trial an error process. I learned so many things and it inspired me to continue to do what I love.

Blogging can be both a hobby and at the same time source of income. I just found out about it 5 years ago. I have a lot of reasons why I started blogging and created this website but I will only give you my top 5 reasons.

So here are the top five reasons:

I started blogging and created Your Labyrinth to inspire people with my story

My first reason is to inspire people with my story. My life is not interesting as other people who are famous, but I want to share my life’s lesson and the things that I get to learn every day. I think there are so many things that I can share about beauty, lifestyle, career and life. Many women can relate to my stories and I want to share it to everyone

I started blogging to be a better person

There is always a room for improvement. I can see that I have the opportunity to improve myself if I start blogging. Just like the name of my blog “Your Labyrinth” which means achieving my purpose despite of the odds that gets in my way. I am expecting a lot of challenges and obstacles in this journey. But that does not mean I will stop if I face one. Instead I will be inspired to create more content that I can share with my readers. It will not be easy but one day I will go back to read this article and evaluate if I was able to achieve something.

I want to improve my writing skills

I know that my writing skills is not perfect, but through blogging I can improve it. I will be more conscious with my grammar and the way I write. Well, learning is a process. I am actually excited to explore more about writing a blog and share my insights through my regular posts.

Your Labyrinth will be my avenue to create and promote my own brand.

Establishing a brand is not easy. It takes hard work, consistency, creativity, etc. But nowadays there are many ways on how to start establishing a brand and I chose blogging as my first avenue. Way back 2009 when I started blogging , I was not consistent in what I do, and that is one of my biggest failure. This time that I have another chance to start again, I will make sure that it will not be a failure.

I will monetize my blog to be a passive source of income

Not everyone knew about this, but there is a potential of earning money through blogging. I just need to be patient and consistent to reach that level. I am excited that one day I can monetize this blog aside from doing what I love. There are a lot of bloggers that I look up to. They served as my inspiration to start this journey. Two bloggers that I really admire is Natalie Bacon and Aileen Xu. I followed and read their blogs regularly. Eventually I was inspired to create my own blog.

So, those are my top five reasons why I created Your Labyrinth. I am looking forward to this journey and I want you to be part of it too. It would be great if you will subscribe to my email list and follow me on my social media accounts to get more updates.

Happy reading!

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