Bullet Journaling: Creativity and Organization

Bullet Journaling: Creativity and Organization

Bullet Journaling is a method created by Ryder Carroll. He created a bullet journal method to keep him organized. He described it as mindfulness disguised as a productivity system. This methodology promotes a productive and meaningful life.

My first encounter with Bullet Journaling

I first came to know about this method way back in 2017. I created my first bullet journal and from that time on, I enjoyed it and it became my hobby. It became part of my daily routine. I honestly become more productive and mindful of my life. Bullet journaling helped me to become more creative. I design my journal and I created different themes.

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Moreover, I will share with you my bullet journaling journey. I Started by using a simple grid notebook and colored pens. At first, it was a plain bulleted task, events, and notes written on each page. It was not as fancy as you think.

After a couple of weeks, I started to collect colored pens and cute stickers. I decorated my bullet journal base on my preferred design. For inspiration, I browsed Pinterest and Instagram and I realized there are a lot of people who practice bullet journaling.

More than just Bullet Journaling

I also created pages to track my mood, exercise activity, and reading. Bullet journal helped me to become more organize and productive. I enjoy doing my bullet journal and it became my stress reliever.

Aside from the organization, I learned calligraphy because it made my journal a little fancier. I also learned to doodle, and I became interested in watercolor arts. Bullet journaling or should I say creative bullet journal is now my favorite hobby.

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The most exciting part is when I can fill out all the pages. Currently, I was able to fill 4 journal notebooks. Because of this hobby, I enjoy shopping for my journaling materials. I collected different colored pens, stickers, and washi tapes.

Now, if you want to start to be more organized, I will recommend you to start bullet journaling. It will help you to be more creative and mindful of your goals. As you go by you will enhance your journaling skills and later your journal will be filled with wonderful things and stories about your life.

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