I Changed My Diet and Here’s What Happened

I Changed My Diet and Here’s What Happened

It’s more than a year since I changed my diet . So bear with me as I tell you what happened and what I ate from day one until now.

To give you a background I started to gain weight after I gave birth to my son. My doctor told me that I should make an effort to lose weight because I have the tendency to develop diabetes because of my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). I tried a lot of ways just to lose weight, but I was not able to maintain it. I grew bigger and less healthy.

August of 2018 I decided to change my diet and do a regular exercise. From 150lbs to 110lbs, I was able to loose 40 pounds. So what are the food I eat when I changed my diet? Well here are some of the changes that I made with what I eat.

Changing my Breakfast

Before I usually eat rice three times a day. During breakfast my meal consists of 2 cups of rice, fried egg, fried hotdog and a cup of hot choco. I will eat Silogs for breakfast all week. Aside from eating rice for, I will also eat Pandesal with cheese spread or peanut butter. I am not saying that what I eat is not healthy, I am saying that I eat too much. My lifestyle is not active after I gave birth, so there’s no way for me to burn that much calorie in a day.

I shifted from carbohydrates and fats overload breakfast to a balanced-diet breakfast. For a year I would normally eat boiled egg, banana and a cup of black coffee. I sometimes eat 3-cheese sandwich or a cup of oatmeal with fresh fruits. I got used to that kind of breakfast everyday. If my schedule would be hectic for the day, I will eat something heavy like boiled sweet potato and two boiled eggs and a glass of fresh juice.

I thought I will get hungry if I change my diet but I noticed I was even more energetic and less sleepy. I was not sluggish and sleepy like I used to.

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What I ate at lunch

I love cooking, and I would normally cook different dish for lunch. But the problem is I ate too much because the food is too good to resist. Again, I eat more than 2 cups of rice every lunch. Aside from the rice and viand, I will also eat good amount of dessert.. My normal lunch would range from 1000 kcal to 1500kcal which is more than the amount of what I need in a day.

When I decided to change my diet, I shifted from high-carbs to high fiber and vitamin-enriched food.Now, I always eat a good combination of fruits, vegetable and protein. I do meal planning to prepare ahead of time and also to adjust my budget. I thought it will be hard, but I realized I just need to think about what’s good for my body.

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What’s for dinner?

For dinner, I would normally eat rice and viand again. I changed my usual carb-loaded dinner to something healthy. My favorite is a wrapped chicken with good amount of veggies or half-serving of lean meat and fruits. If I want to eat rice I will only consume half-cup of rice and half-serving of meat like, Sinigang na Bangus, roasted chicken or any fish.

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Do I still snack when I changed my diet?

Yes of course! My snacks before would consist of something too sweet or too salty. I realized that eating in between meals is not really necessary only if my body needs extra energy. So if I want to eat something for snack, I prefer nuts or fresh fruits. I like cashew and almonds and for fruits I eat half-serving of apple or medium-sized orange.

The biggest change that happened in my diet is I stayed away from fast food, instant, sugary , and fatty food. I still have cheat day but I still prefer to eat healthy during cheat day. Before I would normally eat fast food 3-4 times a week, but now I try to eat only once or twice a month.

After I changed my diet I became healthier and leaner than before.I currently weigh 110 lbs and my new diet helped me in maintaining that weight. I became energetic and my skin got clearer. If given the chance I will not go back to my old eating habits. I prefer my new diet and I will stick to this as long as my body needs it.

Thank you for reading! See you on my next post!

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