Skinmate Shark Oil Review- Is It Worth The Peel?

Skinmate Shark Oil Review- Is It Worth The Peel?

In this post I am going share with you my review about Skinmate Shark Oil. I bought this product because I want to get rid of my acne marks. So please bear with me as I tell you my honest thoughts about this product.

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How much is Skinmate Shark Oil

The product name is Original Skinmate Shark Oil. This is whitening oil. But this is not recommended to be use everyday. It contains 15ml product in a small glass bottle. This product cost me 160Php since I bought this in a convenience store. If you will buy this in other drugstore or supermarket it’s usually priced at 110Php.

According to the packaging the product contains the following ingredients:

Ethyl alcohol (food grade), refined shark oil (squalene), glycerine, polyoxythelene sorbitan monolaurate.

skinmate shark oil review, peeling, skin lightening praoduct

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The products claims to remove dead skin and blemishes allowing new skin cells to dominate, making it smooth, whiter, radiant and young looking.

Skinmate Shark oil is not recommended to be used daily. Rather it is instructed to be used every other night to avoid skin irritation.

skinmate shark oil review, peeling, skin lightening praoduct

So how’s my experience with Skinmate Shark oil?

Going through my experience using this product I can say I was not able to get the exact result I was expecting. I applied it using fingertip and after 2 days my skin started to peel. My face feels a little bit stingy. I moisturized my face more often than before because of the dryness. After 3 days the peeling subsided but my pimple marks and other dark marks still visible. Good thing my skin feels smooth and soft. I felt like my skin can now absorb the skin care products that I use.

Here are my opinions about the Pros and Cons of Skinmate Shark oil:


  • The product smells alcohol and it was quite strong for me.
  • The bottle is not spill proof.
  • Skin peeling can be uncomfortable
  • Does not lighten pimple scars


  • Peeling can be seen 2 days after the application
  • Made my skin soft and smooth after the peeling
  • It’ cheap and affordable
  • Dries pimple easily


Skinmate Sharkoil is a good product for induced skin renewal but has varied results depending on the skin type. If you have a sensitive and dry face this may cause itchy feeling and irritation. Before using the product one must be aware of the effect on the skin. So if you don’t want to take the risk of peeling and skin dryness might as well use other exfoliating products that are tested to be gentle on the skin, but of course you need to be aware of its price. My skin type is a combination. I have areas on my face that are dry and areas that are oily. So far I can tolerate this product so I still use it. Good thing I don’t need to go out of the house because of the quarantine, I can definitely tolerate my peeling skin.

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