YourLabyrinth: Coping With Depression and Anxiety

YourLabyrinth: Coping With Depression and Anxiety

How do you cope with depression and anxiety?

Having a good life means everything but hiding the fact that we are going through something makes our situation even worse. We are trying our best to pretend that we are okay but, we are not. Maybe we are afraid of judgment and criticism just like how we judge and criticize others’ lives.

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We always try to be optimistic and look at the brighter side of life but no matter how we ignore the bad days, it is there and we cannot eliminate its existence just because we are afraid to face it. We mask our emotions by posting something positive on social media. Although we cannot deny the fact that we are not okay and we are just good at pretending.

How do you mask depression and anxiety?

In my case, I tried to use my social media platform to create my own bubble and create a world where everything seems perfect. But is it necessary to explain to everyone how we feel for something, for someone or for a certain event? This is where our anxiety comes in or should I say, “This made me anxious even more.”

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I always try to manage my anxiety using the prescribed medicine but it is for temporary relief only and I want something permanent. By keeping myself busy I somehow manage my anxious thoughts. I bought self-help books, I practice meditation, I write journals and I exercise as well for the hope that it will cure me, however, nothing seems to work.

I realized that these challenges can be overcome with the help of the people who genuinely care about me.

It’s Okay Not to be okay. I am grateful for the people who always try their best to understand me and stand by me despite my anxiety.

So, if you knew someone who goes through the same in life, a person, a friend, or a family who suffers depression and anxiety; I hope you will be there for her/him. No amount of medicine or material possession can cure anxiety and depression than the support of a fellow human being.

Being able to recognize when depression is pulling you down it is the first step towards recovery.

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