How Many Unread Emails Do you Have?

How Many Unread Emails Do you Have?

How many unread emails do you have in your inbox?

I know this topic is irrelevant to my blog’s niche but I want to be random this time. I just realized recently that I have too many unread emails. It’s not only hundreds but it reached thousands, 16,685 to be exact for my Gmail, and more than 97,042 for my Yahoo Mail.

Gmail unread emails
I wonder why I haven’t opened these emails
yahoomail unread emails
I am speechless!

I am aware that I have a bunch of emails on a daily basis and I procrastinate in reading or even just opening because I feel that they are not that important. Not until I realized that my inbox is too cluttered and I need to open it one by one or just delete in bulk. Now I want to share with you 5 lessons I learned from having too many unread emails.

Reading unread emails should be part of the daily routine

Our inbox becomes cluttered and messy because of unread emails. Most of us don’t open emails that are not tagged as IMPORTANT. However, by doing this the unread messages piles up it makes it difficult to look for those emails that you need.

Email is one aspect of life that needs organization as well.

It’s not only your closet that you need to organize but emails as well. The organization makes everything goes smoothly and less time-consuming. Imagine how many next you will need to click just to look for that one email that you need at the moment.

Take immediate action as soon as you received an email.

Open, Read, Keep, or Delete are the things that need to be done as soon as you receive one. An email has features wherein you can tag according to its importance. By doing this, your email becomes more organize and clean.

Don’t hesitate to unsubscribe.

We always sign up in exchange for free stuff like resources or free access to certain features of a website but the consequence is that our emails are bombarded with newsletters, offers, etc. and worst is spamming. So if you feel like the subscription is no longer serving its purpose do not hesitate to unsubscribe. Don’t worry you are free to do it anytime.

Make use of the search bar to filter unread emails.

You are already in the same situation as mine and you are having a hard time looking for that one email that you need. Don’t worry there is a solution for that, but this one is only temporary. Maximize the usage of the search bar. You have no choice but to use this option, but still, it depends on the number of results that will show up and how good are the keywords that you will use to point you exactly to that email that you are looking for.

So much about this topic, I just want to emphasize the importance of organization including our emails. If you have the same numbers of unread emails just like mine we better start opening and decluttering our inboxes.

If you have the experience as mine do not hesitate to share with me what steps you take in order to organize your email.

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  1. cheese

    97k lol. You need to unsubscribe and spam those emails đŸ˜€

    1. yourlabyrinth25

      I got some work to do during downtime… email decluttering. lol

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