How To Stay Within Your Budget During this Pandemic

How To Stay Within Your Budget During this Pandemic

This year has been a rough year for everyone especially when it comes to finances. Many of us became unemployed and if you happen to keep your job then you’re lucky. During the lockdown, we’ve been through different challenges, and one of those is how to keep within our financial budget during this hard time.

Although we want to maintain the lifestyle that we use to have, going through this pandemic is an exception. The uncertainty is just around the corner and worst is that it might eat us up. But don’t worry my friend there are a lot of ways on how to stay within our budget and save money instead of spending too much.

1. You do the cooking!

Food is one of the expenses wherein you can adjust your spending. Instead of ordering regularly for takeaway or food delivery, better cook, and prepare your food at your kitchen. You can adjust the amount of food that you will prepare to avoid spoilage.

2. Don’t hesitate to do your meal plan

I know it’s a bit tedious to do meal planning but it is one of the best ways in order to save your budget. You can plan ahead of time and choose ingredients as well as the menus that you want for the week. Aside from the budget you can customize and do healthy meal planning. If you don’t know how to cook, well this is best to do an experiment in your kitchen. There are so many available resources online for you to learn how to prepare your own meals. You either watch Youtube videos or download recipes of food that you like.

3. Make a grocery list and stick to your budget

One of the most fun things to do is going on a trip to the grocery, but the money you spent on it definitely gets a big chunk on your budget. The best thing to do in order to save or stay within the budget is to make a list and of course stick to that list. Without it, you tend to take anything that you think you need but in reality, you don’t really need it.  But of course, make sure that you list down things that you need and it’s best to make an estimate so that you will know if you need to make adjustments.

4. Avoid making unnecessary purchases

During this time making unnecessary purchases is not a good idea. It’s best to stick more on what you need at the moment if you really want to save money. Your wants can wait, but you cannot compromise your needs like food, shelter, clothing, and medical expenses. But if you happened to save enough funds for times like this you did the right thing, but if not it’s not yet too late.

5. Stay healthy and stay within your budget

This may sound cliché but Health is Wealth. Having a healthy body can save you money and of course will enable you to continue with your endeavor to accumulate the amount of wealth you want to achieve in life. When your health is compromised you not only losing money but also the time that you are supposed to spend on yourself, on your family, or friends. During this pandemic having a healthy and strong immune system is an advantage.

6. Augment your income by having an additional source of income

You cannot budget the money that you don’t have. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you create an additional source of income to add up to your current budget. You can do freelance jobs or get into a business. Information on how to do it is just one click away so don’t hesitate to start right away.

We are lucky that we are living in an internet-era so make sure you take advantage of it. In this time of the pandemic, you should not be ashamed of hustling to augment your income. Instead, you should be proud of yourself and what you do as long as you do it in a legal way.

This trying time will soon be over and definitely you can make it. The abovementioned tips on how to stay within the budget are just few of so many ways. Don’t forget to stick to the goal and be consistent on what you do.

If you have other ways or tips don’t hesitate to share it with me down in my comment section.


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