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Labyrinth means, a path that is structured as a maze. Labyrinth symbolizes wholeness. It is a meandering but purposeful path. Your Labyrinth was created to inspire women to break through in life with a purpose.

This platform aims to contribute content that will serve as an inspiration to women like who works hard to reach for their dreams. 

Nothing is impossible no matter how hard life may seems.

Your Labyrinth aims to be one of the source of inspiration about Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Career and Life. Inspiring everyone, especially women to achieve personal growth. 

This blog aims to emphasize that life is not perfect, just like a labyrinth that is full of challenges that will make you better. A labyrinth that will lead you to your own purpose.

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I am Micah, 30 years old. I am the woman behind Your Labyrinth. I work as a paralegal for a law firm and a mother to a seven-year old kid. A self-proclaimed artist, foodie, beauty, fashion enthusiast and an aspiring financial advisor.

With my age, I felt like I already have a good number of experiences to share to everyone. A lot of you would expect that I am more logical than creative, but in reality I really love fashion, beauty and arts.

I don’t want to put myself in a box. I choose to explore different areas in which I can grow as a person and inspire other women to do the same.

I made this website to be a platform to share my stories, lessons and so many other things about life in which other people can learn from me.

I am not perfect so I want to grow together with you and explore the beauty of life and live with purpose.

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